As part of the academic mobility program, a British professor, PhD, Dr. Alexander Joseph Romiszowski conducts lecture classes for third-year students of full-time study in the specialty "Computer Science".

On November 22, 2019, a IAQAE training seminar was held in SKSPU in preparation for institutional and specialized accreditation.

Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Aymagambetov visited the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University

On October 25, a traditional international scientific and practical conference of the faculty "Creativity of a teacher in innovative education" was held at South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University. The conference received more than 150 reports from higher and secondary educational insti

Vice Minister of Education and Science Karinova Sholpan Tanatovna introduced the new rector Kairbekova Anar Merekeevna to the staff of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University.




Our university provided the opportunity to go and study for 1 semester under the program of academic mobility in a foreign university for 20 students. 14 students go to Hungary Karoya Esterházy University and other 6 students go to Poland Лódz University.

On 8-9th of October was an International Educational Exhibition 2019 - this is the largest educational exhibition in its scope in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scholarship program of the Republic of Kazakhstan

For foreign citizens, as well as representatives of Kazakh nationality living abroad

Deadline for applying documents online

From May 15 to July 19, 2019